For answers to the most common questions we are asked please see below

I am not sure of the items that would be most suitable for the result that I am trying to achieve. Can you help?
Yes of course, we have over 20 years experience is providing hire items and services for wedding and events and would be delighted in helping you avoid any pitfalls and to assisting you in choosing the right products.

How do I go about hiring items from you?

If you are sure of the items you would like to hire and would like to go ahead and make a booking you can download, fill in the booking enquiry form directly from the website by clicking HERE When we have this information we can then forward the completed booking form for you to sign and return with your deposit to confirm booking.

Can you deliver my items to me or my venue?
The majority of our dry hire goods can only be collected from us several days before your wedding or event directly from one of our branches. For larger orders we can quote for a personal van delivery if required. Of course any items that require our professional setting up at your venue will be quoted for accordingly.

I am not in your area but want to hire a large number of items,
is this possible?
We will look at every job on a case by case basis but often travel the entire UK and Internationally for larger even

I want to hire items from you but I also require a full wedding flower package, is this possible?
We have 20 years experience in providing exquisite wedding flowers at the very highest level. Examples of our work and more details can be viewed by clicking HERE 

How much deposit do I need to secure an order and when do I pay the balance?
To secure a booking for hire items we only require a small non-refundable deposit with any balance due 1 month before the event
If we are required to provide a personal setup service then a larger non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking with the balance also due 1 month before the event (Usually 10% but may be more if bespoke items are requested)

I am interested in hiring chair covers from you but I am worried that when you arrive the chair covers won't fit at all or will look awful.
You are quite correct to be worried as there is no such thing as a standard banqueting chair (This is a very common misconception) We are now up to 11 different sizes. As part of our commitment to service we can send samples of our chair covers to you free of charge so you can try out the covers on your venues chairs at your leisure. You simply cannot be 100% sure that chair covers will fit by taking measurements or hoping for the best! We are called out on a very regular basis to "Bail out" and fit covers where this has not happened. We do not charge for this check fitting service, it is included in our price. We were one of the first to provide chair covers in the UK bringing the idea over from the USA in 2001.

How can you re-assure me that if I use your services you will not let me down on my big day?
When chosing any wedding / Event service provider take a look at how they operate, do they work from business premises? Do they have a landline telephone number, How long have they been in business? In this industry the worst thing you can do is shop on price alone - We welcome all our current and potential clients to visit our premises in Sarratt to see the goods we supply and how we operate. We have been established in business for 20 years and at our current location for 5 years. On this site you will see our business telephone number as well as our personal mobile so we are contactable to sort out any issues as and when these might arise. Also take a look at some of the kind words that past clients have sent to us - These testimonials are very important to us and make all the hard work we put in to making your big day special worthwhile. it would be foolish to say that problems never arise but we have never had a problem in 20 years that has not been resolved satisfactorily.

I am having a very large event - Is your business large enough to be able to cope with this.
Yes indeed, we are regularly catering for events of 1000+ guests and have a full time events team. But every event however small or large is overseen by the owners who are perfectionists and will never allow a production line style operation and will always offer that personal touch.

I want the best possible result but do not want to pay very much as I am on a tight budget - Is this possible.
One of the reasons why we have such a large following in wedding and event work is that we charge very realistic prices, often offering alternatives to save money but still achieving as good if not better results. However you must also be realistic in your budgeting and expectations. We will always seek the best possible price according to your requirements, this is a standard part of the service we offer.




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